Hong Kong Baijiu


Just as Hong Kong is a gateway to China, HKB is a gateway to baijiu. Brand creator and owner Charles Lanthier is a Frenchman who lived in China for several years. While there, Charles was exposed to baijiu for the first time, and was amazed that the biggest spirit category in the world was not known to Western consumers.

Charles quit his international management career to find a baijiu distiller whose blend would appeal to Western palates, and after visiting more than 15 properties, hit upon a small producer in Sichuan province. The result is HKB, a highly mixable, modern baijiu created for daring mixology. Excellent in modern or classic cocktails, HKB is being embraced by leading mixologists in New York, Los Angeles, Rome, Paris, and London.

Baijiu | 750ml | 43% ABV | China

100% of 100


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